Golf Balls

Choosing the proper golf ball is an important thing in the game, no matter if you are a professional or a starter. It would be better for you to use a golf ball that fits your playing style, so you can improve your skill and get better performance. Here in Leonian Golf Indonesia, we provide high quality golf balls by most popular brands, including Callaway and more. We will guide you how to choose the right golf ball, read our tips below and good luck :

First, before purchasing a golf ball then you have to think about its color. It is the best for you to use a golf ball that can easily be seen and tracked while playing. The most common golf ball color is white that is often used by the golfers to practice and compete in the tournaments.

Second, we recommend you to try many golf balls by different brands, so by that you will know which brand will work the best for you and your playing style. Beside that, different brand has different quality and price to consider. As one of the best golf online shops in Indonesia, Leonian Golf Indonesia allows you to take a look to complete selection of golf balls and pick what you like.

Third, if you are a female golfer, then brands such as Callaway, Bridgestone, and Srixon, have created golf balls that fit female swing speed. Please be informed that female golfer has different playing style than male golfer, so choosing the right golf ball is very crucial.

Fourth, if you are an experienced golfer/professional, then you might want to try multi-layer golf balls. These balls are composed of a very strong core and two to three internal layers which are designed to produce better feedback and a higher spin.