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January 14, 2019
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January 14, 2019
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Odyssey Stroke Lab #5

Rp 3,490,000

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Odyssey introduces their newest putter for 2017 called Odyssey Stroke Lab i Putter.

Although this putter is quite heavy ( about 15g heavier ), inside its head is hollow which gives more effective weight distribution.

This putter comes with lightweight shaft ( about 29g )

About This Product Listing

– Available in 6 Types of Putter that you can choose.

– 33″ and 34″ length available.


2018 model
STROKE LAB i stroke laboratory eye putter

Storehouse: 3.0 degrees
Length: <RH> 33, 34
A rye corner: 70.0 degrees
Face insert: Micro hinge insert
A head material: Stainless steel a
A grip name: STROKE LAB i Grip approximately 71 g + Weight 15 g

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